What is Gaza Strip definition/concept

The territory known as the Gaza Strip is located in the Middle East, borders Israel and Egypt and is located on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea.

This place has a reduced extent, but specifically 365 square kilometers. Its widest area is 12 km and the two ends of the Strip are 42 km apart.

The conflict between Palestinians and Israelis is especially intense in the Gaza Strip

More than two million Palestinians live in the Gaza Strip and together with the West Bank form the Palestinian territories. The remote origin of this conflict is found before Jesus Christ, as a consequence of the religious and cultural differences between Jews and Palestinians. Jews were exiled from their territory and this migratory movement is known as the Jewish diaspora.

At the end of the 19th century, the Zionist movement promoted the creation of a Jewish homeland in Palestine and during World War II thousands of Jews migrated to the territory of Palestine. When Jews proclaimed the state of Israel in 1948, neighboring Arab countries expressed their rejection and declared war on Israel.

As a result of the military conflict , the Israelis conquered most of the Palestinian territory and thousands of Palestinians were displaced to the Gaza Strip and the West Bank.

This situation was the beginning of tensions between Palestinians and Israelis for decades, but in 1993 the Treaty of Oslo was signed between the two peoples. The agreement reached established a cession on both sides: the Palestinians recognized the State of Israel and the Israelis recognized the Palestinian National Authority (PLO) to govern the Gaza Strip and the West Bank.

The pact did not avoid all confrontations between the two peoples. In this regard, the Gaza Strip has been bombed on several occasions by the Israeli army.

Everyday life in the Gaza Strip

This territory is subject to a strong blockade by the Israeli government. From Israel’s point of view, the blockade has a justification : the Hamas movement, which controls the Strip and this movement is considered by the Israelis as a terrorist group. Anyway, the Palestinians living in the Gaza Strip are in very precarious conditions: high levels of unemployment and poverty, shortages of food and fuel, cuts energy and lack of schools and hospitals.

In recent years, the civilian population of the Gaza Strip has been able to survive because of the action of NGOs and the help of the international community.

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