What is Gambling definition/concept/elaboration

Gambling is a gambling addiction, especially games of chance in which bets are made with money or other recreational activities in which it is possible to obtain some winnings or prizes. The addicted person is known as a gambler and his penchant for gambling can be accomplished through slot machines, sports lotteries, animal fights, bingo games, roulette, poker and a wide range of games.

a conduct disorder

In psychiatric terms, gambling is a personality disorder . In relation to its origin there is no definitive agreement, since it is believed that there is a genetic and hereditary factor, but gambling is a component social and therefore is something you learn.

This gambling addiction is quite similar to other disorders such as alcoholism, drug addiction or sex addiction. Anyway, the compulsive gambler cannot control his propensity to play and this maladjustment affects his daily life, especially his economy .

Gambling Consequences

This addiction has serious consequences for the individual and for the people around him. The compulsive gambler feels an irrepressible urge to gamble and in most cases this leads to huge economic losses, a circumstance that can destabilize the personal and family economy.

The compulsive gambler resorts to lies and deception so that they don’t know their addiction. On occasions, he even steals money to continue the game. It can be said that the gambling addict is psychologically trapped and finds himself in a destructive progression with anguish, economic losses, lies, disappointment and guilt.

It is not easy to identify a gambling addict, as their appearance appears to be normal and there is no obvious sign that they suffer from this disorder, unlike alcoholism, which presents external signs that allow detecting the addiction.

Gambling can be cured

Pathological gambling is a disease with serious consequences, but it can be cured. Addiction experts believe that the first step in solving this addiction is to recognize the problem and seek expert help . Therapy to combat gambling must be based on two elements: convincing the addict that their behavior is harmful and, on the other hand, reducing the anxiety levels associated with this disease.

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