What is Fundamental Forces definition/concept

The scientific community claims that nature and the universe as a whole can be explained by understanding four fundamental forces: electromagnetic, strong, weak and gravitational. With these four explanatory models it is possible to understand the different phenomena of reality. Fundamental Forces

The unification of these “powers” is known in the scientific community under a denomination, standard model, which is not a uniform theory elaborated by a scientist, but rather the result of a combination of proposals developed throughout the history of science.

On the other hand, this model unifies the theory of relativity and the quantum theory. The particles that form matter and are protagonists of this model are divided into two groups : fermions and bosons. The first are elementary particles constituting any matter, while the second keep the fermions together. Fundamental Forces

the electromagnetic force

The behavior of magnets, rays, light or electricity can be explained from the laws of electromagnetism. Likewise, the interaction between light and matter or the internal structure of matter on the atomic scale are also phenomena that can be understood within the framework of this fundamental force.

Currently, electromagnetism is integrated into the well-known QED or quantum field theory. Fundamental Forces

strong and weak power

Starting in the 1930s, quantum mechanics began to unravel the puzzles surrounding atoms. In this sense, it turned out that gravity and electromagnetism were not the only rules governing the universe. By investigating the structure of atoms, quantum physicists discovered two new sources: the strong nuclear and the weak nuclear.

The first works by holding the nucleus of each atom together and bringing together both protons and neutrons.

The second allows neutrons to become protons through radiation.

Both made the use of atomic bombs possible.

the gravitational force

The law of universal gravitation is the principle that governs this energy . Through it, we can explain the movements of the planets around the Sun, since their elliptical trajectory is kept uniform by the effect of gravity.

The law of gravitation states that any pair of masses existing in the universe attracts each other with a force directly proportional to the product of their masses and, at the same time, this attraction is inversely proportional to the square of the distance separating the mass centers of both bodies. . Fundamental Forces

Thanks to the law of gravity we can understand motion as a whole and all the intervening aspects, such as inertia and acceleration. Fundamental Forces

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