What is Freelancer definition/concept

The word freelancer is an Anglicism that in recent years has become popular in other languages. It can be translated as self-employed or self-employed.

Thus, when someone works as a freelancer, their work activity does not depend on a company, it is you who manages and organizes your own work.

Generally, the freelancer is given the task of performing an activity and charges for it at the end of the work, regardless of the time used for this. This procedure may have some modifications, as these professionals exceptionally include the concept of time employed as a variable and that affects their remuneration. freelancer

The new work paradigm

The reality of work has changed substantially in recent years. New communication technologies (the so-called ICTs) offer an absolutely new field of action.

Many professionals in any field guide their work as a freelancer. This circumstance allows for greater autonomy and flexibility .

The phenomenon that has created this new benchmark is globalization

The freelancer does not need to work in a traditional professional environment , but can work from his own home or office, establishing contacts through the network. A freelancer dedicated to graphic design and who lives in any other country has the option of working for a company from within his home. For example, living in Bogotá and working for a company in Barcelona.

The activity of a freelancer is linked especially to professions whose importance is related to the creativity of jobs such as advertising, photographer, journalist, translator or writer.

The freelancer is a professional who can be attractive to some companies, since in this way many of them reduce labor costs considerably. On the other hand, new technologies allow natural communication.

The classic concept of fixed work is in crisis and this situation has encouraged the need to open new paths. Currently, working as a freelancer is one of the professional paths with the greatest potential.

The freedom is the main feature of this type of work, since the uncertainty is probably the greatest drawbacks. The advantages and disadvantages of this new model are debatable. Some emphasize that personal and direct contact is disappearing, but there is an evident and indisputable fact: new technologies are not a fad, they are current tools that serve to establish communication between individuals. Thus, the freelancer is a professional modality that is one hundred percent connected with the current coordinates.

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