What is Fortune Telling/meaning/concept

Fortune telling is a guessing technique based on a card game, usually in a tarot deck . Other prediction or hunch techniques employ different strategies for guessing the future, for example, palmist lines are read in palmistry.

Like other divination disciplines, fortune telling is based on a general principle: what happens in people’s lives is related to the position of the planets, which determine the course of events.

In a fortune telling consultation there are three main elements

1) The person who supposedly knows how to interpret the meaning of the cards that appear;

2) Each of the cards with its corresponding message ;

3) The person who has some concern and expects guidance to live better.

The diviner is the individual with paranormal abilities who, thanks to these faculties, can know things that are not available to ordinary people.

Each diviner bases his power on something different, but they all have one more special gift that he knows and other people don’t.

tarot cards

The 78 cards that make up the tarot are divided into two subgroups: one formed by the 22 major arcana and the other by the 56 minor arcana. In this way, when the figure of the magician or magician appears, it represents the person making the consultation and it is a positive card that symbolizes willpower , but if the card appears inverted, it means that it is someone incapable of making decisions.

The priestess or popess card represents a middle-aged and mysterious woman who symbolizes a hypocritical woman who can harm others. The Empress is a good card that represents supreme love and refers to the person doing the consultation, but if the card appears next to the Devil’s arcane it could mean the consultant’s pregnancy. The Emperor’s card refers to good intentions and the effort required to achieve certain goals, although the reversed card means cruelty to other people or possible business failure .

The High Priest is a very good card because it refers to a kind person who wants to help but appears reversed if it refers to a depressive state . Anyway, each letter has its meaning and are related to the position of the stars (each letter has its corresponding planets that determine the fate of human beings).

There is no fortune teller profile

However, it is usually someone who finds themselves in a difficult situation (a romantic frustration, lack of work or any adverse situation) and who needs to find an answer for guidance.

Obviously, the client is convinced of the guessing power of the cards and the diviner’s ability to correctly interpret the symbols that appear on the suits.

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