What is Food Pyramid definition/concept

The power is one of the bases of the welfare of human being. Without a doubt , eating is not always synonymous with eating healthy, as there are diets that can show nutritional deficiencies. The food pyramid is a simple, pedagogical method that can give you the answer you are looking for regarding which foods are healthy in your diet and how often you should eat.

For example, in this diet it is evident that foods are essential for daily consumption and that products are only consumed occasionally. This classification is expressed by the image of a pyramid. At its base are the foods for daily consumption.

Bases of the nutritional pyramid

1. At level number one of the pyramid is the consumption of basic products that contain complex carbohydrates such as bread (a product so present on the table) cereal and rice. Food Pyramid

2. At level number two of the pyramid we find delicious seasonal foods, such as fruits and vegetables that are rich in minerals and vitamins for the body.

3. On level number three of the pyramid are two different blocks. For example, in a block the benefits of milk and dairy products are detailed. In the other block are meat, fish, vegetables and nuts.

4. At level number four of the pyramid are foods that require moderate consumption, for example, confectionery and soft drinks that contain high sugar content .

5. And the last next group is integrated by lipids present in products such as vegetable oils and fats.

Pyramid Nutrition Rules

There are several tips to understand the meaning of the food pyramid. For example, it is very important to enjoy a wide variety of foods. In addition, the diet must be related to the person’s lifestyle , that is, it must be personalized since the nutritional needs of an athlete, for example, are not the same as a professional who works eight hours sitting. Food Pyramid

It is very important to enjoy a low sugar diet. Likewise, moderate alcohol consumption is essential. It is also advisable to enjoy a healthy diet with low amounts of saturated fat .

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