What is Flow diagram definition/concept

A flow diagram is a graphical representation of various logical procedures that aim to simplify and understand them. It is used especially in the area of information technology for the development of programs, as well as for the establishment of different technical processes in the industrial area. However, their understanding and use can be very useful in any technical area that seeks to have a pertinent reflection of some logical sequence. Flow diagrams have been around for many years and their use coincides with the development of technology as a critical introduction to increased productionin any industry to consider. That’s why this type of graphic record is usually taught in technical courses that make more intensive use of them.

Logic usually has a series of operations known to everyone, where the conclusions are often divided between truth and falsehood. In fact, from a formal point of view any statement can fall into these two categories. This binary circumstance is used as the basis for several technical activities, where the same circumstance is present, but with another connotation . Thus, for example, in an electrical circuit, the same formal procedures of an applied logical reasoning can be established , except in the “true” or “false” categories that replace the on or off categories with the existence or not of electricity . Since in some circumstances this structurelogic can be extremely long and read sequentially, establishing a graph allows you to have an overview and a broad view of the entire logic circuit. Flow diagram

In view of these needs and simplification capabilities, a flow diagram is constructed with certain recurring graphical elements that explain each logical operation. Thus, parallelograms, ovals, triangles, etc. can be mentioned. Its structure comprises a principle and advances downwards or to the left in progression, with the possibility of returning at any time to a previous point according to the results.

Using a flow diagram has the advantage of simplifying processes in order to better understand them, allowing you to identify existing problems and possibilities to make the process more efficient. Flow diagram

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