What is Flight Plan definition/concept

In order for a plane to reach its destination with all the guarantees, it is necessary to start with a basic technical tool : the flight plan or PV, also known as flight plan, in English. This plan is fulfilled by the aircraft pilot in a specific document .

What is this fundamental document?

Before preparing a flight plan itself, it is necessary to know in advance the airport of origin and destination and, at the same time, the weather situation during the flight time.

Once the above aspects have been accomplished, the pilot must manipulate certain charts for upper airspace and others for lower airspace (these charts are consulted or not depending on the type of aircraft).

Obviously, in every flight plan, a series of data related to the flight that will be performed is specified . Some of them are as follows: aircraft identification, type of flight, estimated departure and arrival time, cruise speed, expected maximum height, chosen route and an alternative route, aircraft load, as well as a series of questions techniques related to air safety and radio communication equipment. All this information is expressed in a document through specific codes and acronyms common to the international aviation area.

It should be noted, on the other hand, that current flight plans can already be completed through the internet , and this circumstance facilitates the procedures for pilots. All flight plans include a centralized computer system and can be consulted by air traffic controllers at the departure and destination airports.

Usefulness of a flight plan

In addition to being a mandatory legal procedure on most flights, these plans are of great use in two ways. Firstly, because they supervise a series of technical aspects that allow the aircraft to fly more safely. Secondly, it is a useful tool to facilitate the management of air traffic.

On certain flights a PV is not required.

According to international aviation regulations, some flights do not need a flight plan (PV). Are those that occur in uncontrolled airspace. In addition, air rescue and emergency services are also exempt from a PV as they are involved in an unpredictable type of activity. Finally, military flight plans have their own procedures and rules.

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