What is Flag Airlines/meaning/concept

The flag airline label is applied to those airlines that are managed by the state . They came to be called this way in the 1950s, when major national airlines incorporated a logo associated with the country’s flag. Aerolíneas Argentinas, Air France, Iberia and Japan Airlines are some examples of this type of airline.

Currently, many of these companies are no longer state-owned and have become private. Despite this, most maintain the national flag as a badge.

Anyway, generally, the airlines are the most representative of each country

It should be noted that this type of company usually has branches under other names (for example, Austral Líneas Aéreas is a subsidiary of Aerolíneas Argentinas and Iberia Express is a subsidiary of Iberia). Flag Airlines

A significant number of flag airlines ceased to be state owned because they were unprofitable and because they caused heavy losses to the state’s coffers.

Governments’ strategy to promote the country’s image

The phenomenon started for two fundamental reasons:

1) only states could meet the high costs of air navigation;

2) the incorporation of the flag on airplanes establishes a good commercial strategy to promote national tourism abroad. Flag Airlines

Other denominations

The aeronautics sector has all types of companies. Charter calls are those that rent a plane to another company to carry out their commercial routes. Most are companies dedicated to transporting tourists.

Low Cost companies are those that offer tickets with the lowest prices, for this they apply a cost reduction policy in all their services ( food , luggage, etc.).

An airline of cargo is one that focuses its activity on transporting goods and uses used aircraft for this purpose.

On the other hand, there are also large scale , network or regional ones.

Each of them has its particularity:

  • – The regionals operate with aircraft of reduced size and carry out short distances;
  • – The network has a fleet of planes of different sizes and combines all types of flights;
  • – Large scale ones concentrate international flights.

In this sense, an airline can be of large scale and, at the same time, a flagship.

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