What is First Aid Kit definition/concept

The first aid kit or kit is a box that contains the medicines and hygiene products needed to take the basic and initial measures against a wound, trauma or a common symptom. First Aid Kit

It should be present both at home and in schools and workplaces . It has to be available to a person responsible for it.

Main features

It must provide conditions to correctly store the required materials and medicines, as well as be hermetically closed. It must be easily identifiable, everyone must know where it is located and whether it is easily accessible.

This is usually a metal or wooden box attached to the wall and labeled with your name or a red cross. It can also be useful as an easy-to-carry briefcase. First Aid Kit

Medicines must be contained in their original boxes or bottles with their respective package inserts, in order to have basic information about them at hand . It is also important to have a guide on the dosage of medications and their contraindications.

The entire contents of the kit must be periodically revised to remove expired materials and medications or to replace those already used.

This equipment must be out of reach of children.

The drugs most used to treat the most common conditions should always be available in first aid kits

  • – Anti-inflammatory analgesics to relieve pain and lower fever. Acetaminophen, Ibuprofen and Sodium Diclofenac. First Aid Kit
  • – Medicines for vomiting. Includes Metoclopramide.
  • – Antidiarrheals based on lactobacilli.
  • – Medicines for allergies, such as loratadine , desloratatine and chlorpheniramine.
  • – Ointments for burns. Mainly based on nitrofurantoin or silver sulfadiazine.
  • – Medicines based on arnica in ointment for trauma.

Sanitary material

It consists of the material needed to heal a wound or burn, comprising:

  • – Alcohol
  • – Hydrogen peroxide
  • – Antiseptic solutions
  • – Sterilized gauzes
  • – Cotton
  • – Sticker First Aid Kit
  • – Swabs
  • – Liquid antiseptic soap
  • – Elastic bands
  • – Oral thermometer
  • – Scissors
  • – Band-Aids

Materials not essential, but still very useful

  • – Saline solution for washing or cleaning wounds
  • – Tensiometer
  • – Flashlight
  • – Tongue depressor
  • – Tweezers
  • – Anklet
  • – Cold gel swabs
  • – Disposable gloves First Aid Kit

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