What is Fifth Dimension definition/concept

The proposal for a fifth dimension refers to a single particle, the graviton. It is not a real particle, but a hypothetical one, which could be a mediating element of the gravitational theory. On the other hand, in geometry there is a related and representative figure of the fifth plane, the penterato, which can be seen in the image on the right.

Our reality can be understood from its various planes, also known as dimensions

At an initial level is the first dimension, which is represented by a simple straight line (its corresponding physical magnitude is its length, which can be measured in meters).

In a more advanced plane, a second dimension is formed by adding a perpendicular to the previous one and obtaining a Cartesian plane (its magnitude would be the squared length, that is, the area or surface of something, which can be expressed in square meters).

In the third dimension, a new perpendicular axis is added and in this way three different planes appear: the length, the width and the height (this is equivalent to the length raised to three and expressed in cubic meters).

In the field of theoretical physics, the fifth dimension presents itself as a hypothesis and not as a demonstrated reality .

The three perspectives of physical space allow us to explain movement, create shapes and figures and understand the real world around us

However, some theoretical physicists consider the possibility of the existence of more dimensions, a fourth, a fifth, among others.

To the three conventional modes we can add one more: time. And with these four structures, we manage to organize the world, as everything happens in a three-dimensional space and at a certain time.

In science fiction and some esoteric branches

In this way we reach the next phase, constituted by the figure of the fifth dimension described at the beginning of the article . Theoretical physicists approach and describe it as a simple speculation to better understand the complexity of the universe . However, this is a very suggestive idea for those who write science fiction accounts, because in this way stories can be created where there are parallel worlds, invisible structures or planes of reality hitherto unknown.

In the world of esoterism, the supposed fifth dimension also plays an important role. Through it are told stories related to extraterrestrials, paranormal phenomena and mysterious forces that rule the world.

In many currents of esoterism it is said that the fifth dimension is actually love. In this way, people who live in harmony and deeply respect all living beings are immersed in the fifth dimension.

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