What is Fatality definition/concept/elaboration

The concept of fatality can be understood as its different meanings are analyzed. The word fatality refers to an especially unfortunate circumstance, but it also refers to fate.

Fatality understood as disgrace

Certain events have an unexpected negative character, since they are unforeseen and their possibilities are remote. Thus, a traffic accident or the diagnosis of a serious illness are circumstances that no one expects and when they occur they are considered fatal events. The fatality of an event is based precisely on its unpredictability.

When we say that something is a fatality, we indicate several circumstances:

1) it is something very negative and usually associated with suffering;

2) it’s something that might not have happened, but unfortunately it did;

3) it is an event that we try to give an explanation even though it apparently doesn’t have.

These three characteristics of fatal events apply to major natural disasters, terrorist attacks or personal misfortunes. When a situation like this happens can have a profound emotional impact , possibilities relating to the facts are analyzed and what is sought is a final cause to explain what happened.

Fatality understood as fate

Most events have a convincing explanation. In this way, objects fall to the ground because of gravity and a student passes an exam because he has studied a lot beforehand. However, there are events that do not have a clear explanation. In other words, there are unanswerable questions. Although there is no initial answer, the human being is able to find an explanation: the fate of fate.

The idea that there is a destiny means that events are not mere casualties or accidents, but that there is a superior force or power that sets the course of what happens. This strength or power is known as fate.

In this way, the destination fatality concept refers to the unfortunate events because they are “written” in some place and occur as fulfilled as expected plan. Of course, the belief in the fate of fate is unlikely. In fact, there are people who reject the fate concept of fate and argue that the only fate is the one we write ourselves.

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