What is Fashion Design definition/concept

A professional career in fashion design or management approaches fashion as a theme to its fullest extent. This involves training at various levels and areas: the textile industry, aesthetic paradigms, ready-to-wear, haute couture, artistic creativity and everything that serves the area of ​​management and marketing.

The name design and management together make fashion follow a fundamental idea: fashion is a creative activity, but there is a commercial trend that is necessary through business management knowledge to optimize the success of this activity.

It should be made clear that the world of design and fashion is related to science and technology, for example, textile engineering or materials science, in the same way with art through the great creators or artisans in the sector such as the seamstresses, tailors and other professionals. fashion design

What should you study?

The curriculum depends on each university and each country’s tradition. However, there is a series of common knowledge and disciplines that are characteristic of most study plans : workshops on creativity, history and sociology of fashion, human figure drawing , production process , tailoring, costs and budgets, etc.

career opportunities

Students who finish their training in Design or Fashion Management can work with a wide range of possibilities. On the other hand, they can work as a creator of their own fashion brand or in a clothing company as a freelance designer in a marketing department of a fashion company or even in organizing events.

Overview of this professional activity with a practical example

Let’s imagine that a fashion design professional starts his business activity, more specifically in the wedding dress sector. He needs to design a series of dresses that have to do with current trends in fabrics and shapes, taking into account other related trends such as hairstyle. At the same time, it is necessary to plan a collection and develop a marketing and communication strategy for your brand.

At the same time, you must know all the logistics related to the products you want to sell (storage and distribution). Finally, your business activity needs to comply with a series of tax obligations and comply with the laws in force according to the installation of your establishment. In a nutshell, this professional designs the dresses and at the same time manages his activity with parameters of business efficiency.

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