What is Eye of Horus definition/concept

The so-called Eye of Horus is one of the most popular amulets in the world of esoterism. This amulet comes from Egyptian mythology, more specifically from the God Horus.

The God Horus in the context of Ancient Egypt

Among the ancient Egyptians, Horus was the heavenly God and known as the creator of the civilization of Egypt. As for its symbolic representation, it usually appeared as a falcon or a man with a falcon’s head and a double crown. Already in the pre-dynasty, the Egyptians worshiped Horus. This God was linked to royalty and the pharaohs were believed to be the manifestation of Horus in the earthly world.

In Ancient Egypt the eye of Horus was also known with other terms such as Udyat or fish eye. This symbol was used to protect, cleanse and heal. Through this symbol, the idea of ​​order in the universe was transmitted , that is, the perfect state of reality as a whole.

Horus was the son of Osiris, the God who was murdered by his brother Seth. Horus and Seth had all sorts of confrontations, as Horus wanted to avenge his father’s death. In one of these fights both were injured. In fact, Horus lost his left eye, but through the intervention of the god Thoth it was possible to regain his sight.

The magical properties of the Eye of Horus

The ancient Egyptians already used this amulet. According to their beliefs, the same served to protect the eyes or any eye disease. At the same time, it served to combat the possible evil eye or to protect the deceased. This talisman is currently a symbol that represents the good health, prosperity and strength of the body.

Other Amulets of Ancient Egyptian Civilization

However, the Eye of Horus was the most popular amulet, but they also wore the key of life or the scarab. The first is a cross that served to achieve longevity and get more energy and happiness. The second is shaped like a scarab and is associated with renewal, rebirth and resurrection.

The ancient beliefs of amulets and talismans are still alive and, nowadays, there are many objects that serve as protection for something. Among them we can highlight the horseshoes, the São Benito pendant, the Turkish eye, the precious stones or the good luck bags. They are all part of the esoteric world, a discipline that fosters constant debate.

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