What is Extremism/definition/concept

In the field of political and religious ideals, the concept of extremism is used to refer to positions that are radical and far from a moderate stance. In the philosophical, scientific and cultural context, this label is also used to refer to approaches that are far from conventional currents.

In addition to this context that can be used, usually the idea of ​​extremism has negative connotations, since it is associated with revolutionary movements or intolerant positions. Obviously, from the extremists’ point of view, their positions are fair and sensible. In this sense, we are facing a relative concept that arouses some controversy. extremism

In relation to the policy

In each historical context there are some policy approaches that serve as a reference for all citizens. In today’s world, there are a number of political formations that form a moderate space, such as democracy social , Christian democracy and liberal parties. Thus, when a person or a group has ideas that go beyond what is established, their approaches are considered extremist. Although this term is ambiguous, identifies certain collective: movements ecologists or animalistic, groups neo-Nazi or extreme right, anti – capitalist revolutionary movements, etc. extremism

in the religious context

Most religions have different currents. Thus, Catholicism is a moderate current within Christianity, but some Christian groups are considered radical and therefore extremist. The same applies to Islam, a religion in which certain groups are supporters of terrorism to impose their doctrines.

The paradigm case of evolutionism

In the late nineteenth century Darwin’s ideas about the evolution of species were considered an extreme proposition. His approach meant that the human species was subject to the same mechanisms as other animal species. Understandably, their ideas were in an extreme position at the time, as for centuries it was believed that man was created by God. Over the years, evolutionism was accepted as a valid theory. As a result , new extremists have emerged: religious groups that deny the theory of evolution. extremism

The example of evolutionism illustrates the phenomenon of extremism. Thus, one’s extreme position is, in principle, neither positive nor negative, but depends on other considerations: the notion of normality in each historical moment. In this way, everything that deviates from supposed normality is labeled as extremist. extremism

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