What is Extravagance definition/concept

The word extravagance is used to disqualify an individual for his extravagant, ridiculous and careless aspect of being. This is a distinctly pejorative term, as it emphasizes a person’s grotesque and strange appearance . In this sense, we also refer to a person who abuses in a ridiculous way and in bad taste in their clothing.

The probable origin of the term is found in the Bible

Most words have a precise origin and it is usually possible to know exactly their etymology . However, some words have a certain mystery regarding their true origin and this happens with the term adefesio. extravagance

According to the most updated version, the origin of the term is found in the Holy Scriptures. In the epistolary relation of São Paulo, on a certain occasion, the inhabitants of Ephesus went to the head of the letter that began with the formula “Ad ephesios”, that is, to the Ephesians.

In the content of the letter, São Paulo commented that it was important for a couple to respect each other

With this information, the Ephesians scoffed at this reflection , as they believed that the words were beautiful, but that in practice they were not fulfilled. From this mockery of the Ephesians, St. Paul’s letter derives the meaning of adefesio, which ended up becoming synonymous with extravagance or ridicule.

According to another version, a priest wanted to refer to another letter from St. Paul, the one addressed to the Corinthians, but it was confused with the letter to the Ephesians. This confusion is precisely the origin of another expression “to speak adefesios”, which means to create confusion with other words. extravagance

According to a third interpretation, the origin of Adefesio can be found in a historical fact: St. Paul was preaching in Ephesus and during that time his life was in some danger, as it was deduced that St. Paul’s preaching was useless for the Ephesians. extravagance

Whatever the true origin of the term, the word adefesio has finally acquired a new meaning, that of a person with a coarse, flashy, and extravagant appearance.

The Bible is an inexhaustible source of expressions

The word adefesio highlights a fact: in the Bible we find the origin of many words and expressions of current language . When a humble person beats another who is powerful we say that David beat Goliath; that he is a Judas when he is a traitor and when someone cries disconsolately, he is said to cry like a madeleine.

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