What is Extrasensory Perception definition/concept

The senses are very valuable information channels for the human being. Aristotle values ​​the power of practical experience related to discovering the world. Extrasensory Perception

Vision, hearing, taste, smell and touch are filters through which the human being leaves his own individuality to position himself on the map of reality . However, the human being is a being complex in nuances, a being of great potential in its most important capacities: intelligence, reasoning, will and intuition.

non-sensory knowledge

In popular culture there is a belief in this sixth sense that the human being has to conclude specific information that is not contrasted by the experience of the five senses described above.

This concept of perception extrasensory was named by Joseph Banks Rhine, who with his work helped the empowerment of parapsychology.

However, the belief that there is the ability to discover certain information beyond their own rational capacity has been with the human being since antiquity. Extrasensory Perception

For example, the Oracle of Delphi, in Ancient Greece, where in this temple of sacred value in honor of Apollo, people consulted about their own lives.

This oracle reached a great prominence in the Hellenic culture from the 8th century BC. Ç.

In a context limited to the experience of life itself, most people have felt at some point in their lives a strong intuition that was not mediated by a rational experience. Experiences that the person cannot explain with the logic of the observable. For example, having the feeling that something bad can happen and so does in the immediate environment.

telepathy and clairvoyance

The existence of a sixth sense is not a scientific fact. There is a debate between supporters and critics of this idea. In this context, telepathy can be framed, this fact occurs when there is a coincidence in the object of thought of two people without any sensory communication filter between them. Extrasensory Perception

Within this context there is also clairvoyance, that supposed ability that allows a person to predict a future event. This fact is not supported by objective data beyond the concrete testimony of people who claim to have already lived this experience.

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