What is Executive definition/concept/elaboration

The term executive is a qualifying adjective used to designate certain types of actions, decisions or groups within a society . Thus, the condition of executive is related to a certain relevance over others.

The term executive understood within the business world

The executive concept is very common and widely used in business, employment and work. This is because each company, institution or workplace has a hierarchy of power and functioning that aims to establish different functions for different people.

Among the various functions that can be fulfilled in a company, for example, there are several employees or also managers, that is, those who have in their hands some kind of power or hierarchy over others and have the function of executing or making decisions about certain phenomena. Generally, the executive sectors of a company are usually occupied by authorities, powerful people who take action, share resources , means of production , etc.

The executive branch as part of a complex system of government

Another common space to hear the term “executive” is in politics from the moment we talk about the division of powers. One of the three most common powers in republics in different parts of the West is the Executive Power, usually occupied by a president or by whoever governs and takes the most important decisions in a territory.

The executive power, unlike what happens with the legislative or judiciary power, is responsible for carrying out policies, measures, changes, among others, in a territory over which the power of a given population is within its reach. Although the idea of ​​division of powers serves to balance the various employees who occupy public positions, in many regions of the planet generally whoever occupies the executive power is the only one who governs, in this case, we are talking about presidential systems, which in other powers comes being annulled or losing place against the force of whoever occupies the first magistrate.

Making decisions as an important part of an entrepreneurial spirit

Nowadays, it is quite common to find materials and experts on certain issues, such as improving self-esteem, changing what still does not satisfy your life, etc.

In these cases, it is very common to speak of the need for a spirit or an executive attitude to make decisions that can improve our quality of life . This means getting out of the rut and having enough decision to execute and put into practice everything that was always dreamed of.

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