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Some rivers on the planet have played a leading role in human history. It would not be possible to understand the civilization of Ancient Egypt without taking the Nile into account. The indigenous cultures of the Amazon basin acquired meaning when they became aware of the complex structure of the bed of the Amazon River. The cities of London and Paris also did not separate from the Thames and the Seine. Euphrates River

The Euphrates River played a decisive role in the flowering of the Mesopotamian civilization

The word Mesopotamia means precisely between two rivers. Thus, the non-desert areas of Iraq, Syria and Turkey were during antiquity the cradle of Mesopotamian civilization. The two rivers that determined the history of these territories were the Tigris and the Euphrates. The inhabitants from Mesopotamia were the Sumerians, who settled along the two rivers.

In the two river basins, conditions were right for the Sumerians to develop advanced agriculture. Likewise, it is considered that the Sumerians were the inventors of three great advances: writing, the wheel and adobe bricks.

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The relationship between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers is not only of a historical nature, since both are joined by the Shatt al-Arab river, which flows into the waters of the Persian Gulf. Euphrates River

The Euphrates River measures 2780 kilometers from its birth in Turkey to its mouth in Iraq. Its main tributaries are the Karasu and the Murat Nehri.

Its hydrographic basin has about 500,000 square kilometers, so that its waters flow through a total of five countries: Turkey, Syria, Iraq, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia.

The river basin is the natural habitat of numerous species of animals, such as the soft-shelled turtle, carp, the Iraqi reed nightingale and the pygmy cormorant.

The river’s waters remain a fundamental pillar for some peoples in the Middle East. In this sense, the fertile lands surrounding it provide wheat and barley. On the other hand, the water from the Euphrates basin allows the generation of hydroelectric energy and facilitates drinking water. Euphrates River

In ancient times, the overflow of the Euphrates and Tigris rivers was controlled by dams and canals that formed an important irrigation network for agriculture.

Despite its strategic value, there is a problem of water contamination caused by industrial discharges.

The territory between the Tigris and the Euphrates is the location of the earthly paradise described in the Bible.

In recent years, the Euphrates has been losing its freshwater reserves as a result of prolonged droughts. For some scholars of the Holy Scriptures, this event is described in one of the oldest biblical prophecies (in Revelation 16:12, it is stated that an angel would cause the river to dry up). Euphrates River

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