What is Espresso Coffee/meaning/concept

Coffee is a drink with a global dimension. Its origin is located in present-day Ethiopia, while the Arabs were the first to cultivate it. The Dutch dedicated themselves to their export during the colonies. In the highlands and wetlands of Latin America are the best known plantations. However, if we talk about espresso and cappuccino, its origin is found in Italy. Espresso Coffee

the express

The espresso coffee modality is more concentrated and is made from a few grams of coffee that are subjected to high pressure.

It has a characteristic appearance , but particularly ocher in color and with golden tones on top, a creamy appearance and a strong flavor. In relation to your needs, experts believe that should be a lot. To achieve its unique flavor, it is important to follow a series of procedures in its preparation:

1) keep the coffee beans freshly roasted;

2) place the ground coffee in a completely clean filter holder and press it properly with a lid;

3) Insert the filter holder loaded with coffee into the espresso machine and wait a few seconds for the liquid to fill the cup.

There are several types of espresso depending on the time of elaboration: the short or “ristretto”, or the Largo or “lungo”.

the capuchin

Capuchino is a blend of coffee with milk and is made using espresso

For the milk to bring more quality to the espresso it must be subjected to a temperature that provides its characteristic sweetness (the final temperature must not exceed 65 degrees).

Italy is the homeland of both types of coffee. Most men prefer espresso and women prefer Capuchin. This distinction has a very precise historical origin, since in the past the aroma of espresso was considered sinful to women and therefore they could not drink it. In this way, Capuchin monks invented Capuchin thinking about the female audience. In this sense, the Italians say that Capuchin symbolizes the idea of ​​an ideal marriage, since espresso coffee symbolizes the masculine side for its strong character and milk represents the sweetness of the feminine dimension.

The barista is the professional dedicated to making high quality coffee

The barista is a knowledgeable expert in the coffee world. A good barista is one who knows its history, its cultivation, its technique and all the secrets so that its customers can enjoy the particular aroma of this drink. On the other hand, the barista knows how to combine the most varied types of coffee with other ingredients (liqueurs, fruits, chocolates, essences) and find the perfect blends between the various types of coffee. In barismo, quality coffee blends are known by the term blend.

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