What is Epoxy Resin definition/concept

Resin, also called liquid glass, is a viscous substance, with high density and solubility, with a strong smell and that reacts with the effect of heat . Naturally, it can be obtained from the secretion of certain species of conifers. In many countries, the tree from which this substance can be obtained is more precisely maritime pine. Epoxy Resin

For the application of this substance, catalysts that produce heat are normally used and for this reason it is not advisable to use large amounts of resin. Either way, catalysts serve to harden materials. Once the catalyst and resin are joined, the resulting material becomes a rigid plastic.

different uses

The use of this substance has numerous practical applications.

  • – In dentistry, it is used to restore the shape and functionality of teeth.
  • – In manuals, it is used to join all types of materials (ceramic, paper, wood or plaster).
  • – It is used in the jewelry and jewelry sector.
  • – This substance is also used in the manufacture of paper, in paints and enamels, in pest control and in the manufacture of cleaning products. Epoxy Resin
  • There are three resin variants: polyester, vinylester and epoxy
  • – The first is the most economical of the three, has high toxicity and is widely used to manufacture surfboards.
  • – Vinylester is similar to polyester, but with some different characteristics.
  • – Finally, epoxy resin is the most sophisticated and expensive of the three, but it has better mechanical properties.
  • Epoxy resin stands out for its versatility, for this reason, it is highly valued in all types of sectors

In relation to its characteristics, the main ones are the following: is a good heat insulator, resists moisture, and has adhesive properties to withstand high temperatures. Trademarks for epoxy resin are made from a chemical reaction between two products: epichlorohydrin and bisphenol-a.

It is used in the preparation of continuous pavements for industrial use. This system is especially advantageous as it avoids dirt in the joints. For this reason, it is suitable for the floors of hospitals, schools, garages and offices. In the restoration of monuments, it is a highly appreciated substance. Epoxy Resin

This resin is used to manufacture adhesive products, carry out welding and anchorage, repair nautical vessels or join blocks in the construction sector.

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