What is Emojis definition/concept/elaboration

Expressing emotions has always been a constant need of the Internet since the beginning of networks. At that time there was only plain text and the graphics on computers was something like science fiction, so they invented smileys, some symbols made from the keyboard that expressed smiling, sad, serious or laughing faces. Emojis

These smileys, still in full force (I use it myself in any type of communication , whether through emails or social media), end up being surpassed by emojis, an extension of smileys, but which can make the best of graphic environments, including animations.

The emoji is an iconic image that may or may not include animations and through which it seeks to express a feeling in a summarized way.

The origin of this word is found in Japan, in the late 90s of the last century, but for the rest of the world it reached the beginning of this century and really became popular a few years ago. Emojis

The same ideographic Japanese writing facilitated the adoption of these symbols, as well as part of the East and later the West.

The factor that allowed the popularization of emojis is found in the explosion of instant messaging systems and services over IP protocol and, especially, those used in smartphones and also by social networks.

Cell phones are the ones that most see the need to express an emotion or feeling (the purpose for which they are designed by emojis) with a simple touch of a finger, so you can write with just one hand and not make it difficult and tiring to use. Emojis

Social networks often require the same caution to be able to respond without wasting too much time

In either case, the available range of smileys can be quite small, while those of emojis are endless.

Each program allows us to add a set of emojis as per our needs or preferences.

In some cases, these emojis are presented for free or paid, according to the platform’s content strategy . In general, it is easier for a given service or product to have a series of free emojis than to have other paid ones that are just to complement the first service.

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