What is Electoral College/meaning/concept

Let’s look at the electoral college of two different countries. On the one hand, in Brazil it refers to a place where the voting of an electoral process takes place . On the other hand, it refers to the electoral system used in the United States.

Electoral System in the United States

The nation ‘s founders believe that in such a large country, electoral campaigns cannot focus on the larger states, as they run the risk of having much more power. In this way, a model was created so that the president and vice president were not directly elected by popular vote. This model is known as an electoral college.

An electoral college is a group of representatives from each state . These representatives are those who definitely vote for a candidate for the presidency and vice presidency. The electoral college comprises a total of 538 voters, representing all states. Thus, to win the elections, candidates for president and vice president must have the vote of half of the voters of the electoral college, that is, 270 votes. Electoral College

The number of voters corresponding to each state is determined by the number of congressmen (for example, California has 55 electoral votes, New York 29 and Montana 3). Another circumstance must be indicated in this system: the candidate who obtains the majority of popular votes takes all the votes of the voters assigned to each state.

This system is intended to respect the will of the majority of the people. However, this model is not free from criticism, as the minority vote has no final representation in the House of Representatives and with this system bipartisanship is strengthened.

Electoral Colleges in Brazil

The Brazilian electoral law explains everything about the candidate selection process. One of the aspects is precisely the organization of elections. In this sense, the law specifies the functions of electoral boards; how the electoral census should be carried out ; who can vote; who can be presented and, finally, everything related to democratic elections. Electoral College

An important side of this whole process is related to the physical space for citizens to vote. These places are the electoral colleges. In them, there must be individual booths so that the vote is absolutely secret, as well as a compatible number of ballots. The electoral college is usually any public building, but usually the most used modality is schools.

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