What is Eiffel Tower definition/concept

The Eiffel Tower is the symbol of the city of Paris and the most visited monument in France.

Despite its worldwide fame, when construction began many Parisians were against it, as they considered it to be an unsightly building that was opposed to the characteristic style of the city .

Built for exhibition during the 1989 World’s Fair , the Eiffel Company would be responsible for the tower for the next 20 years as a means of paying the costs of its construction, when it would then be passed on to the government to be dismantled and sold as scrap metal. Lucky for us, Eiffel managed to prove its usefulness as a telecommunication antenna, preventing its dismantling.

Until the construction of the Chrysler Building in New York in 1930 it was the tallest building in the world.

An epic building worthy of the commemoration of the centenary of the French Revolution

Contrary to popular belief, Gustavo Eiffel was not the engineer responsible for the tower project, but Maurice Koechlin and Emile Nouguier. After Eiffel bought the patent for the project, he presented it in an open competition with the aim of building a prominent structure for the World’s Fair in celebration of the centenary of the French Revolution.

Its construction, which lasted two years and two months, required the work of more than 300 skilled workers, of whom around 18,000 pieces of wrought iron and around two million rivets were employed. When finished, the 300 meter metal tower divided into 3 platforms allowed a 360 degree view of the city of Paris as well as being easily seen from different points of the city.

On the day of its inauguration, on March 31, 1889, the construction of the elevators had not yet been completed, so to access the top it was necessary to climb its 1710 steps. The Eiffel Tower was opened to the public on May 6, 1889, with the visit of almost 30,000 people. Today it is visited by more than 7 million tourists a year.

Much more than a tourist monument, there were three restaurants inside the tower, a press office, a scientific laboratory , a post office and a private apartment at the top.

Curiosities that bring more charm to “Iron Lady”

In one of the world capitals of fashion and style, the Eiffel Tower could not be left out and over the years its painting has followed the trends of the city being its original color in the opening reddish brown having already been yellow, brown and currently brown.

The Eiffel Tower served for nearly 11 years as a billboard for a major automobile Company, shining the CITROEN name every night on three of its bell towers.

The tower has more than 100 antennas that broadcast radio and television stations from around the world.

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