What is Edible/meaning/concept/elaboration

Those foods that can be consumed without risk to health are known as edible. Human beings are omnivores, this means that we do not have a specialized diet , as we can eat all kinds of foods such as meat, fish, vegetables, vegetables and fruits.

Hygiene measures for food consumption

For a food to be edible, two circumstances must occur: that it is compatible with human health and that it is in adequate sanitary conditions. In this sense, there are a series of measures to guarantee correct hygiene in food: the conservation of certain products at an adequate temperature , washing of fruits and vegetables, pasteurization of dairy products, conservation of perishable products, etc.

If hygiene measures are not applied correctly, edible food can cease to be and become a health hazard.

Edible is not the same as edible

The terms edible and edible are sometimes used interchangeably, but in reality they are not. Thus, all food that can be consumed without any health risk is edible and all that is unpleasant is edible. Therefore, a food is edible, but not necessarily edible for some people.

Food has varied over time

Certain foods that are currently consumed normally, in the past were considered poisonous or harmful to health. Thus, tomatoes, tuna, garlic and chicken wings were discarded products for some reason, for example, garlic was despised because of its smell and chicken wings because they were valued as leftovers.

This refusal to certain foods was not related to their negative properties for health, but to the scientific lack of knowledge about them.

we are omnivorous animals

Nutrition experts say we are omnivores for several reasons:

1) we need certain minimum levels of protein and meat is one of the most suitable foods for this (vegetable proteins have fewer amino acids than animal proteins);

2) we need to consume vegetables because of their vitamin contribution ;

3) our physiological characteristics make us neither herbivores nor carnivores, but we should eat all kinds of food.

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