What is ECLAC/meaning/concept/elaboration

The acronyms ECLAC refer to the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean, an organization integrated to the UN and established in 1948. It currently has its headquarters in the city of Santiago, Chile, and has several offices in other Latin American cities.

The main objective of this institution is to promote progress throughout Latin America and, at the same time, strengthen economic and social ties between the nations of the region.

ECLAC strategy throughout history

From the 1950s onwards, this organization promoted an economic model of development, since in this geographical area the different nations were in precarious conditions, especially in relation to low levels of consumption and full of social problems.

With the strategy inspired by economic development, there was an annual growth of almost 3% of the GDP until the 1980s and, in parallel, a significant reduction in the poverty levels of the total population of Latin America.

The key to achieving this advance was a gradual modernization of the industry

As a complement to the industrialization strategy, ECLAC has promoted other strategies: the promotion of exports, the carrying out of economic adjustments to overcome the problems associated with indebtedness and the incorporation of social equity criteria in the production processes .

a center of thought

ECLAC puts into practice all kinds of research and studies on economic and social issues. At the same time, it facilitates technical assistance to governments and prepares proposals on matters related to public management .

The ECLAC commission is made up of a total of 44 member states, which meet every two years to assess the tasks carried out and promote new objectives and lines of action.

The global approach of this organization is to promote economic development in an integral way, since economic growth must be associated with the principles of social equity and environmental sustainability.

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