What is Earthquake definition/concept

An earthquake or earthquake is the movement of tectonic plates that manifest themselves on the Earth’s surface through tremors or displacements of the ground popularly known as earthquakes. The earthquake produces a sudden movement that can have different levels of intensity and duration and its consequences can either seriously affect an area or go unnoticed by the population.

Geologists analyze the hypocenter of an earthquake, that is, the place where the seismic waves started located in the earth’s crust and its epicenter, which is the point on the surface well above the place where the earthquake started and that will be affected by it. These analyzes are possible through information obtained by devices called Seismographs that are spread over the earth’s surface and are capable of detecting ground movements.

To assess the intensity of an earthquake, the Richter scale is usually used , a logarithmic system of base 10, that is, where each value attributed to the earthquake is multiplied 10 times. Therefore, intensity 3 earthquakes are not even noticed most of the time while intensity 5 earthquakes are capable of displacing furniture and breaking glass as they are 100 times stronger.

After the main earthquake, aftershocks of lesser intensity may occur during the next hours and days.

How to act during an earthquake?

Generally, an earthquake produces an emotional alarm because it is a fact that transcends personal will. However, as far as possible, it is recommended to try to breathe deeply and remain calm. If you are inside the house or building it is important to stay in the place where you are, because many of the possible accidents occur in the process of wanting to leave the room . It is also important to avoid using the elevator.

Find a safe place in the building. For example, you can place yourself under a sturdy, sturdy table. On the contrary, it is very important to avoid the window area.

If you are driving a car during an earthquake, it is recommended to slow down to see a safe place and be able to park, as well as stay inside the vehicle until everything passes. On the other hand, if you’re walking down the street, it’s a good idea to choose an open place to stay, one that is free of trees or lamp posts that could fall down.

What to do after the earthquake?

Check the condition of your home, as there may have been some kind of crack in the walls. Although everything is apparently in perfect order, it is possible that the interior of the cabinets becomes disorganized as a result of the movement.

It is very important to close the gas taps in the house to prevent possible leaks. If you can avoid it, do not use the phone as the lines are likely to be congested. One way to find out is through the radio.

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