What is Dynamometer definition/concept

The dynamometer is a device that makes it possible to measure forces, especially the so-called force-weight. Through this instrument it is possible to calculate the force with which an object is attracted to the earth, in other words, the weight of such object.

Basic idea of ​​how it works

Inside the dynamometer there is a cylinder and inside it there is a rod with a graduated scale . At the end of the appliance there is a hook used to hang the object to be weighed. Once the object is hung, the rod stops in a certain position and the mark value indicates the exact force that the object performs. Dynamometer

When an object with a certain force is introduced into water, the resulting force will be less. This does not mean that the object weighs less in water, but that the weight of the object was compensated by a different force, the force that the water exerts on the object (in this case, the dynamometer will mark the difference between the force-weight of the object and the force of water).

Hooke’s law and the concept of force

The functioning of the dynamometer is based on the so-called Hooke’s law. According to this law, the elongation of a material with a certain elasticity is directly related to the force applied to it. Dynamometer

Hooke’s law served as the physical principle for the later invention of the dynamometer. Its inventor was the brilliant English scientist Isaac Newton. It is worth remembering that the force concept is precisely measured in newtons.

The idea of ​​force refers to the possibility of an object accelerating. The acceleration of an object is a different matter of its speed. Thus, speed determines how fast an object is and is measured in units of distance per unit of time (such as meters per second or kilometers per hour). In contrast, acceleration is the change in velocity over time and is measured in units of velocity per unit of time. Consequently, any circumstance that makes an object accelerate, brake or change direction is a force. Dynamometer

A device widely used by mechanics

Dynamometer measurements are applied to motor vehicles, motorcycles and all types of transport. This tool is used to measure the power and strength of engines.

When the dynamometer incorporates additional sensors it is possible to measure other factors such as fuel mixture , ambient temperature or engine temperature. All these measures allow to diagnose the condition of vehicles.

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