What is Dismember definition/concept

When transmitting an idea, it is possible to divide the message into several parts. When that happens we talk about dismembering. This way of organizing information occurs in different contexts, such as in literary or economic activity. Dismember

the etymology of the word

The prefix des is equivalent to the opposite of something, on the other hand, gloss means language. Consequently, in its original sense, dismembering means “taking out or eliminating words that are not understood within a script”. Dismember

In literature and in written and oral expression

Many novels are divided into chapters and this organization makes reading easier . Theatrical works are also broken down into acts or scenes. Movie scripts are organized in a break-up sheet with all elements integrated into the script: title, decoration, characters, technical notes, sequence description, etc.

Some scriptures also have a classic subdivision: introduction, development, and conclusion . Likewise, in the oral presentation of a topic, the speaker or speaker usually announces to the public in advance which items he will be dealing with.

In media communication is common the presenter announce in advance which way content will be handled. In all these situations, the set of information is broken down in order to facilitate the general understanding of a subject. Dismember

in economic activity

In the elaboration of a payroll several concepts appear that are broken down. Among the most common are the following: salary base, supplements, employee contributions, withholding tax of income , among others.

When preparing a budget, the amounts are divided into sections and subsections. The general idea is quite simple: differentiate between inputs and outputs. The breakdown of a family savings budget should be carried out following some guidelines: Dismember

1) accounting for revenues; Dismember

2) control the documents that record fixed, variable and debt expenses;

3) establish an amount to save.

The VAT tax is subdivided taking into account a series of items: the gross value of a product, the VAT percentage, the tax base, etc. Likewise, invoices also have a series of items that are properly differentiated.

In bank accounts appear numerical series whose meaning can be explained in a dismembered way. Thus, the 20 digits of the account number have several items: the first four identify the bank, the next four refer to the branch code, the next two are control digits and the last ten indicate the current account number. Dismember

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