What is Digestion definition/concept/elaboration

Digestion is a process in which certain organs process the food eaten in such a way that it is incorporated into the blood and then nourishes the cells. Digestion in vertebrates begins when food is introduced into the stomach and combines with gastric juices. Soon after, they are processed again by the small intestine, which absorbs the necessary nutrients. Finally, the large intestine is responsible for eliminating waste, that is, those elements that the body considers unnecessary. This process is also carried out by other types of organisms , such as insects, arachnids and other variants. Digestion

In humans, digestion begins in the stomach, but food is partially processed by the process of chewing and saliva. In fact, this process starts when food mixes with gastric juice. They are mainly made up of an acid that breaks down food in a radical way. However, this ability does not affect the body, so this organ has a protective sheath that serves as a shield. If by chance there is any kind of injury to the walls of the gastric juice, it could be completely perforated and there are notorious complications in the patients’ health. However, these cases are resolved in time when the pains appear and lead to an appointment. Digestion

After the foods receive the treatment of gastric acids for a few hours, they start to be worked in the small intestine by juices that secrete the pancreas and liver. The intestine absorbs all the elements that serve as nutrients. Afterwards this process of absorption in the large intestine continues. Nutrients pass through the blood and are transported for the body to make use of. All waste is finally excreted.

Digestion is a phenomenon of great importance for the development of the organism, where any type of associated disorder can have negative circumstances for people’s health. In this sense, there are some disorders of little consequence , but which are equally harmful and require treatment. One of them, for example, is excessive stomach acidity, an indigestible phenomenon that happens especially at dawn because of sleep disorders. In all these cases, the first action to be taken is to take care of the food eaten and its quantity.

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