What is Dexterity definition/concept/elaboration

Dexterity is the ability to do something correctly. Generally, it is not something that is innate, but it is usually acquired.

Most of the time it’s easier to become skilled at something after a long process . When we start to familiarize ourselves with something new (eg a tech tool ), at first we don’t do it accurately. In fact, it is usual to go through several levels. At first, by handling it with some difficulty and slowness, we get to know the whole process. Finally, we can achieve real knowledge .

Repetition and continuity are key elements in achieving authentic dexterity. The more times we repeat an action, the more possibilities we have to be skillful in handling it.

Another important element is personal intelligence . In this sense, each individual has a type of intelligence. Sometimes they are manual, although they can be applied to physical or intellectual matters.

Difficulty in certain activities puts our ability to perform them to the test. Certain activities present some difficulty that represent a challenge and to face them we have to show our qualities. We will only be skillful if we are able to solve something difficult like a game, a puzzle, a problem or even the repair of a device.

There are some activities and professions that basically consist of having a great degree of dexterity. This is what happens to magicians, who achieve certain results without a logical explanation, they achieve it because they employ a very sophisticated technique and, above all, with an unusual skill. In other trades, extreme knowledge is also required, such as surgeons, formula 1 drivers and more.

Dexterity is skill at its highest level. Conversely, it is customary to say that a person is stupid, useless, or inept when he does not have the capacity to carry out an action effectively. When you can do something accurately, it is often said that this person is a master at it and this becomes a reference for apprentices.

Dexterity is a quality that has transformed human history. The discoverers of fire, of the wheel, as well as those who built the first navigation ships had to be skillful. But this is a thing of the past, since every day new ways of expressing dexterity emerge.

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