What is Developed and Underdeveloped Country definition/concept

There are nearly 200 sovereign countries in the world. All can be grouped according to human development  criteria related to health, education and standard of living. These general criteria are specified in certain parameters and their final calculation comprises the human development  Index or HDI. Developed and Underdeveloped Country

There is a ranking of nations according to the HDI. Those with a high human development  index are considered developed countries, while those with a low HDI are underdeveloped countries. Between the two groups are developing countries.

Developed countries

Countries with a  life expectancy of over 80 years, with low infant mortality, low illiteracy rate, high purchasing  power, almost zero crime and low unemployment rate are considered developed countries. This consideration has a simple explanation, since the different parameters translate into a good quality of life among its inhabitants. Developed and Underdeveloped Country

Some countries that traditionally fall under this category are: Germany, Switzerland, Norway, Australia, Denmark, Singapore, Netherlands and Canada. Although the HDI of these nations be high, especially data on income per capita, it should be noted that the idea of quality of life has a subjective component.

In other  words, the inhabitants of a country can be rich and have all kinds of material resources  and, at the same time, feel dissatisfied with their lives.

Underdeveloped countries

Certain parameters are incompatible with the general idea of ​​quality of life. In this sense, a per capita income of less than 5000 dollars a year, a reduced number of doctors per inhabitant and a low level of education are clearly negative indicators.

Its negative dimension is not simply a matter of numbers, as these indicators are usually accompanied by few material resources , social conflicts and health-related problems. On the other hand, the issue of underdevelopment is directly related to three other factors: the lack of democracy, unemployment and limited access to drinking water. Developed and Underdeveloped Country

According to official UN data, some of the most underdeveloped countries in the world are: Somalia, Ethiopia, Chad and Liberia on the African continent; Yemen, Afghanistan and Pakistan in Asia; Haiti, Honduras and Guatemala in America and Albania, Bosnia and Moldova in Europe.

For some analysts the HDI should be more than data and numbers

Although the HDI concept is useful to understand the global reality of a country and its evolution over time, some analysts believe that this information should be complemented with other criteria related to freedom of expression , justice or solidarity. Developed and Underdeveloped Country

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