What is Detritivore definition/concept/elaboration

A living being is a detritivore when its food is based on the consumption of waste, that is, on decaying organic matter. These beings, also called saprophages or scavengers, form an important part of ecosystems because they contribute to the decomposition and recycling of nutrients.

Among those who have this type of food we can mention: beetles, earthworms, crabs, flies, starfish and fungi. Therefore, this form of feeding occurs in both vertebrates and invertebrates. Detritivore

In any case, detritivores fulfill an ecological role, as they contribute to destroying organic matter decomposed in different ecosystems. If we consider the feeding of the beetle, it is fundamentally based on the excrement of other animals, larvae of other insects and dead animals.

It should be noted that decaying food is the result of a number of factors: climate , oxygen, humidity levels and the presence of parasites in food.

We must not confuse the feeding of detritivores with that of scavenger animals

At first glance, scavengers or scavengers feed on detritus. However, they are not considered detritivores for a reason: the dead organic matter they feed on is in an early state of decomposition. Detritivore

Os humanos não são detritívoros porque os alimentos em decomposição possuem efeitos nocivos à nossa saúde.

Como espécie, somos animais onívoros, já que nossa alimentação é uma combinação de substâncias animais e vegetais. Neste sentido, não somos seres detritívoros porque nosso organismo não está acostumado a ingerir substâncias em decomposição. Se ingeríssemos nossa saúde sofreria com problemas de estômago, diarreia, náuseas, inclusive a morte.

Os seres vivos podem ser classificados segundo sua alimentação

Os chamados animais carnívoros são, logicamente, aqueles que consomem carne de outros animais, como o leão, a hiena, o lobo, a pantera e o tubarão. Detritivore

Herbivores feed on plants such as fruits, leaves and crusts, such as the rabbit, iguana, elephant , cow and giraffe.

Omnivores eat both plants and fungi and other animals, among which we can highlight humans, pigs, ostrich, chimpanzees, seagulls and crows. Detritivore

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