What is Denim definition/concept/elaboration

Denim is a type of durable fabric made primarily from cotton. This fabric is well known all over the world as popular jeans and other clothing accessories are made from it.

Elaboration process

The machinery of the textile industry transforms this cotton into yarn. These yarns are then dyed blue with a dye known as indigo. In the next stage, they are glued to make them more resistant.

When sewing, the bluish threads are crossed with other white ones and for this reason the combination called denim is reached. Various treatments are applied to these mixed yarns: machines that clean the fabric, application of air currents to make the fabric more flexible, stretching process , etc. Denim

All these steps definitely transform cotton into a newer fabric: denim.

Origin of the term and a brief historical brushstroke of the Levi Strauss jeans brand

The word denim comes from the French and refers to a fabric already used in the Middle Ages when making resistant fabrics. This fabric came from one of the most important French cities in the textile sector, the city of Nimes. In this way, the term denim precisely means that it comes from Nimes. Denim

In the nineteenth century, in California, many of its inhabitants were dedicated to the mining sector, especially in search of gold. The gold rush has attracted thousands of people around the world. In this context, a young man named Levi Strauss, a Jewish cloth merchant of German origin , arrived in California .

Levi Strauss had a great idea: add copper rivets to the denim fabric and incorporate a zipper and pockets on the front, turning it into a pair of pants. In a short time, this extremely resistant piece became very popular among miners and cowboys, being called jeans. Denim

A few years later, this new pants model received a red leather patch on its back with the number 501, thus representing the manufacturing batch number.

Consequently, jeans are the garment and denim is equivalent to the fabric used in the manufacture of this piece. Levi Strauss brand jeans are a fashion icon. Its popularity internationally began with the western genre starting in the 1940s with actors John Wayne, Robert Mitchum and Randolph Scott. Around 1965, hippies incorporated jeans as a key part of their clothing. Denim

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