What is Dengue definition/concept/elaboration

Dengue is a disease viral infectious type. The most striking first symptoms are fever and general malaise. Initially it can be confused with a normal flu. However, other symptoms may appear later, such as: muscle, joint and abdominal pain, in addition to vomiting.

In most cases, this is a benign disease (in some countries it is known as break-bones), although there is another type, dengue hemorrhagic fever, which can be deadly.

Dengue is transmitted through a mosquito, Aedes aegypti, which originally comes from rural areas of Africa.

This mosquito is found in all tropical countries and in any area below 2200m in altitude, both in rural and urban areas. This mosquito is the cause of dengue and in no case is transmitted from person to person. The disease transmission process is simple: the mosquito bites a person already infected with dengue and then bites another person transmitting the virus. Dengue

Because there is no creation of a vaccine against dengue, doctors emphasize its prevention. The first step is to eliminate all possible breeding grounds for Aedes aegypti (mainly in water containers both inside and outside homes). On the other hand, it is recommended to use mosquito nets and repellents at bedtime, disinfect if necessary and put on suitable clothing. However, as important as prevention is the preparation of health centers and medical knowledge to avoid cases of mortality (blood reserves and advanced medical resources are needed ).

Important data

There is currently no vaccine. It is estimated that in the future, not too far away, there may be a vaccine and it is estimated that its cost will be approximately 300 million dollars. Dengue

Recently, history has registered several cases of epidemics: in Cuba in 1981, in El Salvador in 2000 and in Rio de Janeiro in 2002. From a medical point of view, the health strategies adopted in each epidemic situation had useful results to fight this epidemic. disease.

When manifesting itself in tropical areas of the planet, dengue potentially affects around 2,500 million inhabitants.

In 2012, all Central American countries recorded more than 27,000 cases of dengue.

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