What is Dementia definition/concept/elaboration

Dementia is the wear of the human being’s intellectual capacity. It is usually associated with age and manifests from 60 years of age onwards. Currently, medicine has reported various forms of dementia such as Alzheimer’s disease, among the best known.

People who have some type of dementia progressively lose their memory, communication, and reasoning skills. All this slowly and gradually.

In everyday language, the concept of senile dementia is used in a generic way, since from a medical point of view, a specific diagnosis is needed for each modality of mental exhaustion.

Dementia is a very serious health problem that affects individuals who suffer from this disease, as well as the entire family environment.

At the same time, it is a social problem , as every demented person needs special attention and specific care from the state. Dementia as a social problem is worrying, as the population over 65 years of age is increasing in most countries. On the one hand, this demographic reality is positive in one sense (because we live longer), but it has obvious negative aspects, with dementia being one of the most notable groups in society .

Currently, there are medications that are used to block the degenerative process of those who suffer from this type of pathology. Curing or reducing the effects of dementia is one of the challenges of medicine. We need to know that the exhaustion of mental faculties affects people in their entirety, because when the memory fails or is worn out, we lose control of everything around us and about who we really are.

The word dementia is used synonymously with madness

On certain occasions, it is not used to describe a degenerative mental process, but rather in a momentary situation, that is, when rational control is lost in a moment of intense emotional stress. In this sense, we can say that a person who is on the edge of dementia is subjected to a lot of pressure or a situation of extreme difficulty.

Dementia or madness is a reality that has always worried human beings. In antiquity it was attributed to the devil, witchcraft and other circumstances. However, this idea no longer exists, and science is the only one that can resolve the effects of this disease in its various manifestations.

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