What is Deleterious definition/concept

It is understood by deleterious something that has a toxic or highly harmful component. In this way, the venom of a snake or certain toxic substances such as hemlock are considered harmful. In relation to its origin, this term comes from the Latin worship deleterius, which in turn derives from the word deleterious Greek and translates as destroyer.

An unusual word in everyday language

Deleterious is a cultured way of referring to something harmful due to its harmful capacity. In everyday life other colloquial words are more often used, such as bad, dangerous, harmful, harmful, deadly, harmful, unhealthy or toxic.

Different uses of the term

Certain ideals are considered harmful, as they exert a negative influence on others. Harmful ideas are evaluated as the origin of vicious attitudes or immoral behavior.

Like most cultivated words, the term deleterious is used in language contexts far from ordinary communication , in this sense, poetic language usually talks about deleterious sadness, that is, a sadness accompanied by a harmful and destructive component.

In zoology , it is customary to talk about harmful animals, for example, arachnids, certain species of snakes, frogs or some jellyfish. These animals have toxic substances in their body and use them as a defense weapon.

From a scientific point of view, the study of venous substances is known as toxicology

This course studies chemical substances that potentially produce some kind of physiological change. Generally the toxics that affect the organism are exogenous, that is, they do not come from the body itself. Thus, harmful or toxic substances are related to certain fields such as forensic, clinical, environmental or food study toxicology .

In the study of genes, researchers found that some do not have a normal hereditary pattern, consequently producing alterations. In genetics terminology we speak of lethal genes and deleterious genes.

As their name indicates, lethals are those who cause death or cause serious illness. The deleterious genes are not that serious, but they cause physical limitations like hemophilia, albinism and Hungtintong’s disease . This is due to certain genes changing their phenotype in hereditary transmission, that is, the physical characteristics of an individual .

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