What is Decrepit definition/concept/elaboration

As a general rule, the bad state of health of a person and his old age reflected in his physical appearance. In this sense, when an individual suffers a serious pathology or reaches old age, it is very likely that these circumstances are observed at first sight. In our language, when a person has an obvious physical deterioration, it is possible to describe his appearance as decrepit.

This adjective comes from the Latin decrepitus and is equivalent to other terms, such as finished, deteriorated, old, elderly or senile. Its corresponding noun is, of course, decrepitude.

In relation to health problems

Quite often people who are ill or have serious health problems show some outward signs. Thus, when hormonal disturbances occur, they can be manifested through skin spots or dermis dryness. Parkinson’s disease is usually accompanied by hand tremors. Difficulties related to memory and orientation may be signs of a cognitive problem . Decrepit

Extreme tiredness when carrying out small movements is a likely indication of a cardiovascular problem. In short, the physical deterioration and condition of the patient are aspects that determine the decrepit outward appearance. Decrepit

When death approaches there are obvious signs of physical decrepitude

In general, near death is preceded by gradual physical deterioration. In this sense, the terminal patient has some external signs. The most significant are: decreased energy and appetite, difficulties in establishing fluid communication , increased dehydration as a result of lack of food and fluids, fatigue, sleep, mental confusion and difficulties in understanding what is happening around you. Decrepit

in other contexts

Although this adjective is commonly used to describe a person’s deteriorated physical appearance, it is sometimes used in other language contexts . Thus, we can say that a public space, a building or a commercial establishment presents a decrepit appearance when characterized by its general deterioration, its old, neglected or ruined appearance.

On the other hand, in literature and in horror movies, it is common for the setting of a place to be and some characters have certain characteristics related to the concept of decrepitude. If we take the figure of the ghost as a reference, it usually presents an aged, tenebrous and ruined appearance. Decrepit

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