What is Dead Sea definition/concept/elaboration

The so-called Dead Sea, also known as “Sea of ​​salt” or “Sea of ​​Arabá”, is actually a lake, considered the saltiest lake in the world. This means that no living beings, except a few microscopic organisms , can survive due to the excess salt found in the waters.

As for its location , it is located between Israel and Jordan. Its area is 70 km long by 18 km wide and the waters of the Jordan River are those that flow into the Dead Sea.

The extreme environmental conditions of the Dead Sea

The Dead Sea’s salinity is much higher than any ocean on the planet, more particularly its salinity ranges between 26 and 35%. Only a few fungi and bacteria can survive in its waters. Likewise, the high salinity makes it possible to easily float in its waters.

The Dead Sea has become a natural sanitarium, where many people with illnesses of all kinds undergo treatments (the minerals in the water and low solar radiation provide excellent conditions for the sick).

Currently, the Dead Sea is in an accelerated process of drought. According to experts, this is due to global warming associated with lack of rain. A consequence of this phenomenon is saline air pollution, a circumstance that causes serious health problems (respiratory diseases, eye problems and increased blood pressure).

the historical dimension

Deep in the Dead Sea are large amounts of asphalt. This substance was used by the ancient Egyptians for the mummification process.

Even in ancient times the healing properties of water were already known, especially for joint or skin problems. According to some legends Queen Cleopatra bathed in the waters in order to enhance its beauty .

The role of this sea in history is unquestionable

In this sense, it is worth remembering the Dead Sea Scrolls , also called the Qumran Scrolls. These texts were accidentally discovered in 1946 and are mostly written in Hebrew and Aramaic. Thanks to them, it was possible to better understand the content of the Bible and the Judeo-Christian tradition.

The references that appear in the Bible about this sea are significant and among them we can highlight the prophecy of Ezekiel, who said that one day its waters would be fresh water and on its banks it would be possible to fish.

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