What is Dead Sea Scrolls definition/concept

In 1947, a Bedouin herder who was chasing one of his goats found clay pots inside a cave in the Qumran desert. This first discovery took place in the south of the city of Jericho, present-day West Bank. Inside the bowls were found some scrolls of parchment and papyrus written in three languages: Aramaic, Hebrew and Greek. Dead Sea Scrolls

More than 900 documents were found with information of great value for the knowledge of the Holy Scriptures. Researchers of this gem of paleography claim that the scrolls were written between the 3rd century BC. C and the 1st century d. C. Most experts claim that its authors were the scribes of the Essene sect. We are talking about the Dead Sea Scrolls .

Currently, the Dead Sea Scrolls are found in the Israel Museum and were recently digitized by Google. Since their discovery, researchers have had to overcome all sorts of technical difficulties to decipher the riddles of these manuscripts or scrolls. The last of the deciphered texts is related to the calendar used by the Essenes.

A key discovery for knowledge of Judaism and Christianity

The Dead Sea Scrolls contain ample information. Some apocryphal books stand out, that is, books not included in the canonical version of the Jewish Bible. Some texts and interpretations about the Bible were also found, as well as documents related to daily life and community organization at the time of Jesus Christ.

Before this discovery, the biblical texts came from the Middle Ages, but thanks to the appearance of the manuscripts it was possible to better understand the historical context closer to the time lived by Jesus Christ.

Who were the Essenes?

Before the appearance of the Dead Sea Scrolls, very little was known about the Essenes. And although we now know a little more about them, they remain a mystery to researchers.

The scientific community believes that the Essenes were a Jewish sect that lived in community. Some biblical scholars claim that they were the real engines of Christianity. Its members lived in a community of goods and led a simple life dedicated to spirituality.

Among experts there is great controversy over the relationship Jesus had with the members of this sect. It is said that Jesus had close relations with them and that his spiritual formation was directed by an Essene teacher.

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