What is Darwin theory definition/concept/elaboration

Charles Robert Darwin, of English origin, was one of the most outstanding scientists and naturalists in history. It shook the world of science in the nineteenth century with its theory of natural selection, postulating that all living species on the planet would evolve over time and from a shared ancestor, by a process called precisely natural selection. Darwin theory

Natural selection was Darwin’s great proposal when it came to explaining biological evolution.

According to Darwin’s work, natural selection is an evolutionary phenomenon that has the character of a general law and the differential reproduction of genetic information (in the form of DNA) of a biological community. However, natural selection makes the present conditions help you in a given natural environment , or else complicate the reproduction of organisms. Darwin theory

However, Darwin enunciated the need for the existence of three conditions:

The trait or characteristic subject to selection must be plausible for inheritance; there must be trait variability among beings in a population; this variability must give way to differences related to survival or reproductive success, generating new characteristics that can be extended to the population. Meanwhile, the accumulation of all modifications across generations is what produces the phenomenon of  evolution. Darwin theory

In the work written by Darwin and entitled The Origin of Species, published in 1859, it registers in a forceful way what was exposed above about the variations that exist in the reproduction of organisms and when the environment does not accept the organisms of a population in development , those who have poorly adapted traits tend to die, while those who have well- adapted traits certainly survive. Darwin theory

The repetition over time of the scheme indicated by Darwin consists in the evolution of species.

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