What is Dark Web definition/concept/elaboration

That Google has rated the entire Internet , even if it sometimes doesn’t seem like it, is a false claim; in fact, there are some experts who claim that we cannot search for conventional tools on 90% of the internet and that we only reach 10%. Dark Web

This part that is not seen by the naked eye and that led many to define the Internet as an iceberg is due to nine tenths that were submerged in water. Among the various hidden parts of the Internet is the dark web or dark web.

The dark web is made up of private networks that work over the Internet, but to access them you need an accreditation or software or a particular configuration .

It is often said that the Internet is the “network of networks”, because if its structure decays what we find will be many networks of different dimensions, interconnected with each other

Just close access to one of these networks to those who meet certain conditions and we will have one more component of the dark web. The rest of the web will be defined as clear web (or clear web), or clear web.

Among the components of the dark web are the P2P exchange systems, Tor network and Freenet.

In this regard, controversies about the content that can be found in these or other hidden parts of the Internet are a matter of constant controversy.

It has been said many times that, within the dark web, we can find everything from child pornography to contraband weapons, to drugs and even hired killers. While this is true, the dark web has also helped and continues to help many people around the world.

For example, the lack of knowledge of the existence of one of these networks, as well as of special settings or applications to access it, made it an ideal refuge for political dissidents in countries suffering from dictatorships, as they could find a place to communicate with their internal and external allies, being invisible to the authorities that persecute them.

In addition to the fact that the discourse of crime is often exaggerated, it is also true that many scam artists take advantage of it to make money by posing as drug dealers or professional killers when, in reality, they are neither.

In some countries simple access to the dark web (even if it’s out of curiosity) is prohibited; while in others, even without being punished, it can put the individual in the crosshairs of police authorities.

That’s why if you’re interested in accessing the dark web (even if it’s out of curiosity and you don’t intend to spend more than a few minutes), first see what legal and law enforcement repercussions might mean in the country in question.

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