What is Cyclogenesis/meaning/concept

Refers to the formation of a cyclone or storm . It should be taken into account that in the formation of a cyclone the determining meteorological factor is the atmospheric pressure . Cyclogenesis

Cyclogenesis and atmospheric pressure

The atmosphere has different layers that extend over 300 kilometers. Despite the low weight of air, there are three hundred kilometers of air that multiplied by its weight produce 10 million tons. This means that on each square meter there are a thousand tons of air and so each person supports about 200 kilograms of weight.

Atmospheric pressure is the force exerted by air on the atmosphere. This pressure decreases with height, in contrast, atmospheric pressure affects temperature . All this forms storms or cyclones due to an area with different atmospheric pressures. Cyclogenesis

Thus, storms are areas of low pressure in which air is absorbed, condensed and cooled. As a result of this process , the water accumulated in the condensation becomes rain.

In short, it is a set of phenomena that occur in the formation of storms or cyclones. Logically, an anti-storm phenomenon would be an anticyclone.

Explosive Cyclogenesis

Low pressures generate precipitation of greater or lesser intensity, as well as strong winds. We can call it explosive cyclogenesis when a storm or cyclone occurs suddenly.

To receive explosive qualification, atmospheric pressure must drop at least 20 millibars in 24 hours

In other words, it is a very intense storm that occurs after the drop in atmospheric pressure in a very short period of time. This atmospheric phenomenon leads to a strong storm with heavy rain and large waves, as well as strong gusts of wind. Cyclogenesis

The danger of this type of cyclogenesis is the surprise factor, something that can severely affect sea and air navigation, as it goes from a stable situation to very strong and intense winds. Obviously, these winds also affect terrestrial circulation and represent a danger to people’s physical integrity.

Like hurricanes and other atmospheric phenomena, explosive cyclogenesis also receives a specific name.

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