What is Creative Thinking definition/concept

The concept of creative thinking is also known by other denominations, such as lateral thinking, unusual thinking or design thinking in English. Regardless of the term used, your goal is to find alternative solutions to new problems or challenges.

Creative thinking is the ability to create new ideas with a certain value. This does not mean that creativity consists in thinking differently, since making hexagonal doors is something different from the usual, but it is still a creative proposition because it provides no value (it does not solve a need and, therefore, it is useless).

against common sense

In most human activities there are rules and guidelines that are commonly accepted and all of them rely on a general approach based on custom and common sense. The problem is that this model does not work to find solutions to new problems that may arise. Consequently, advocates of creative thinking consider that new proposals appear when traditional patterns and linear paths are abandoned. Creative Thinking

Considerations on creative thinking

New ideas do not arise spontaneously, but an intellectual predisposition is needed. In this sense, neuroscientists recommend a series of guidelines to follow:

  • – Bombing our brain with ideas that were previously unprocessed;
  • – Eradicate the opinions and beliefs rooted in the brain;
  • – Consider errors as a necessary part to find the definitive solution;
  • – Observe the reality that is intended to change through a critical approach, for example, asking why something happens;
  • – Identify the problem that is analyzed clearly ;

Once the problem is identified, it is necessary to start looking for creative solutions, through which it is possible to employ some strategies:

1) meet with others in a whirlwind of ideas or brainstorming;

2) seek inspiration in a stimulating environment;

3) get to know the opinions of people who are experts in the  matter;

4) do not discard ideas even if they appear to be absurd;

5) get to know other creative experiences.

Creative thinking starts from a proactive intellectual attitude. New ideas can be acquired through learning techniques and processes. Creativity is a free tool within our reach.

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