What is Corporate Image definition/concept

Regardless of size or industry, any company sells products or services with the aim of improving sales. For this, it is necessary to manage several areas in a coordinated manner. One of these is directly related to the image that the company projects abroad. Thus, the image of a company is based on transmitting ideas and values ​​to gain consumer confidence. Corporate Image

In business terminology this function is known as corporate image. In some way, a company works as an individual , in the sense that the image that a person projects is seen as a crucial element, as their appearance is important when it comes to being evaluated by others.

Corporate image can be defined as the perception of a company in relation to its potential consumers through images, shapes and colors. However, it is also possible to talk about the internal image of a company, that is, to perceive how it is perceived by the employees themselves. Corporate Image

Strategies to improve the image

A company’s name (the naming) means its brand of presentation. Marketers try to create appropriate names that are easy to remember, suggestive, audible, and represent the entity.

The creation of logos is an item of great importance, as it is the element that identifies the brand. In this sense, it should be taken into account that the logo is always present on posters, advertisements, signs or any type of support such as on employees’ clothes.

Some companies have corporate manuals that give an idea of ​​everything related to their image. For example, in a multinational, there is a need to present a homogeneous and identifiable idea for different countries. Corporate Image

Corporate Identity Manual

Every company needs to have its own personality and therefore an identity. Corporate manuals determine an overall strategy that affects issues of all kinds: the brand, the colors, the typography and the terminology used. And all of this with coherence , as it would make no sense for a typography to communicate something and a color to convey a contrary concept.

Corporate identity is important because it establishes how to simplify a message. In other words, it’s about conveying something in the best possible way from the most appropriate elements. Communication and corporate image specialists agree on the same idea: a good image does not guarantee success, but it certainly helps to achieve it. Corporate Image

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