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The Internet age has brought very positive benefits both to authors of books and artistic works and to readers or viewers of these works. However, there was a new difficulty as many authors have been denouncing the vulnerability of their copyright, as there are pages that offer original works for free. This usually happens with movies that have recently opened in the cinema and can be downloaded for free through websites that provide this information .

However, it is important to be responsible with culture as a value that we must nurture among all, since copyright infringement brings a serious crisis to the sector, the lack of means to promote new ideas and employee layoffs. Currently, many artists explain the difficulty in selling their records, since the Internet has become a showcase for music.


Books are also marked by copyright, which determines that the author has the right to enjoy the benefits of this work exclusively. This implies that the author is legally protected by being the intellectual author of this work. Plagiarism is a form of copyright infringement of a work.

When a writer publishes a book, he takes some steps. Among them, he registers the work as his own, since this is a necessary step to validate his authorship and be able to manage this work according to his own personal criteria.

When a famous artist dies, the copyright belongs to that person’s heir who will enjoy the benefits for a specified period of time.

Photo copyright

Nowadays, in the Internet age, it is very important to respect the copyright of photographs. There are several image banks from which authors share their editorial publications. However, these photos, when used, must be acknowledged with an author’s link. Some image portals like pixels offer copyright free images. Some bloggers add photos to their posts without guaranteeing the image’s source and copyright conditions.

Respect for copyright is a responsibility that everyone must have in relation to the promotion of culture.

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