What is Convalescence definition/concept

When a person recovers from an illness , his body needs to recover for a while. Thus, the recovery period is known as convalescence and the person who finds himself in this situation is a convalescent. During this period, the body is not sick, but it is not yet fully recovered. Therefore, we can understand convalescence as a transitional phase between illness and total cure. If we look at the etymology of the word, this term comes from the Latin convalescentia, which properly means to regain strength.

As a general rule, during the period of convalescence, the patient must take a series of measures: rest as much as possible, follow a good diet and respect the doctors’ instructions. Complementarily, to avoid boredom, it is advisable to carry out an activity that is stimulating and, in turn, quiet, such as reading, listening to music or any type of hobby that is compatible with the guidelines established by doctors.

The period of convalescence depends on the type of illness

While each patient has a specific response to the disease, the recovery period depends, in general, for each specific pathology, as well as the age and state of general health of the patient. In this sense, the idea of ​​convalescence is very broad and flexible, from a few days to several months.

It should be noted that in some cases the convalescent must go through a process surgery, so it is necessary to overcome the effects of anesthesia, care for wounds to prevent infection and stay a while in absolute rest. On certain occasions, convalescence comes with some kind of rehabilitation.

Illustrative examples

An appendicitis operation requires a recovery of two or three days in the hospital, and then a two-week rest is required before returning to normal. After a rhinoplasty, you should avoid straining for approximately two weeks and sleep face up.

If a patient has heart surgery, their full recovery will take approximately three months. For a person to recover from a stroke, the convalescence period can last a minimum of six months, as the brain needs to perform neurological rehabilitation exercises.

Recovery time after hip surgery can last up to four months. After a caesarean, women typically need ten days for the wounds to heal. These references are a rough estimate, as each patient has its own physical and psychological characteristics.

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