What is Conurbation definition/concept

Conurbation is understood as the union of several urban centers. In this way, several independent municipalities grow gradually over time, consequently integrating a new urban area, called conurbation.

It is a global phenomenon that is directly related to the urban development of cities. In this sense, the vast majority of megacities on the planet are the result of this phenomenon.

The urban space of megalopolises

Cities such as Buenos Aires, Los Angeles, São Paulo, Mexico City and Tokyo have a size that goes beyond the traditional urban core and a population that far exceeds 10 million inhabitants and, in some cases, 20 million. This reality has occurred gradually and in the last 50 years in a significant way. The areas that surround the core of the city are known as metropolitan areas and their spatial continuity produces a great conurbation.

Megacities are multicultural spaces and, as a general rule, they have become economic engines of their nations. However, these are urban centers that present some problems: disproportionate traffic levels, transport difficulties, high levels of stress among inhabitants, large suburban areas with a marginal population and a high rate of pollution.

Some urban planners believe that the growth of cities should be planned with rational sustainability criteria

Most big cities have grown chaotically and without any kind of planning . So that this phenomenon does not bring greater harm, urban planners propose a series of measures: improvement of public transport and its connectivity, involvement and participation of citizens in urban planning, specific metropolitan plans, improvement in service management , etc.

Without proper organization , a megacity becomes a space that provides a low quality of life for its inhabitants.

The urban agglomeration of the city of Buenos Aires

When talking about Buenos Aires the term Greater Buenos Aires is used, as it is an urban agglomeration formed by a conurbation of different areas.

From a strictly urbanistic point of view, it is not correct to speak of the Capital and Greater Buenos Aires as if they were separate areas. However, among Argentines they distinguish between the conurbano of Buenos Aires or Greater Buenos Aires, formed by 24 areas or districts, and, on the other hand, the autonomous city of Buenos Aires.

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