What is Contortions definition/concept

One of the most striking shows for its originality is contortionism. People who practice are contortionists and their ability is to perform movements with the body, apparently impossible to perform. Contortions

They are able to perform all kinds of postures, whether strange or not, for this they bend their joints to the extreme.

Among the most common movements, we can highlight: arching the back until the head comes into contact with the feet, inverted verticals, sitting on one’s head, passing the trunk between the legs, among others. Normally, this discipline is practiced by young women, since there are few men who dedicate themselves to this practice.

Contortionism is considered an art of flexibility

Some of its practitioners have previously exercised in other techniques that also require considerable flexibility , such as yoga, martial arts, and ballet . Contortions

As a general rule, this discipline is performed individually, with music and appropriate clothing. On occasion, body movements are accompanied by other complementary skills, for example, archery with the feet, entering a tiny container, imitating animal shapes, juggling, creating geometric shapes with the body, etc. For all these characteristics, the spectacle of contortionism is traditionally associated with the circus world.

In relation to contortionism, there are some false myths: that contortionists use reptile oils to make them more flexible or for their body to have another type of articulation . Contortions

Contortionism has a genetic basis, but it can be exercised

Contortionism as a discipline is a combination of spectacle and sport . Its practitioners need excellent physical shape, in addition to great flexibility, elasticity and harmony in their movements. People who engage in this practice have exceptional natural conditions and special genetics, otherwise they would not be able to perform such movements. However, without specific training it would be impossible to practice contortion. Contortions

Sometimes, contortionists have a hereditary problem that allows them to perform unimaginable movements.

This pathology is Ehlers Danlos syndrome or joint hypermobility syndrome. The main feature of this disorder is the disproportionate mobility of the joints.

Sometimes this syndrome causes damage and joint pain, but sometimes this rarity can be beneficial in certain physical activities such as writhing. Because of this, it is said that contortionism, in addition to being a spectacular rarity, is still a disease . Contortions

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