What is Continent definition/concept/elaboration

The term continent has basically three different uses, one related to physical geography, another to home insurance, and finally to figurative language.

In the field of physical geography

Physical geography deals with the description of the countless geographic accidents that are found on our planet. One of them is the continent as it is a large expanse of land. This definition sounds simple, but it’s just apparently. In fact, there is no full agreement on the exact number of continents. There are three different models. According to the first, it is understood that there are five continents (Asia, Africa, America, Europe and Oceania). In the second model it is stated that there are six continents (the previous five plus Antarctica). And in the third, we can say that there are seven continents (the traditional five, plus Antarctica and the division of America into two continents, North America and South America). Continent

This difference in relation to the number of continents is not the only controversy, as some experts believe that Asia and Europe are part of the same landmass (Eurasia). This aspect reminds us of a fact: the geographical division of the continents does not coincide with the historical and political dimension .

From a geological point of view, today’s continents have a common origin, as thousands of years ago there was a uniform continental mass called Pangea (Greek for Earth). According to the theory of plate tectonics Pangea was divided into two large structures: Gondwana and Laurasia.

In the field of insurance companies

When a person takes out an insurance policy related to their home, they are faced with two terms: continent and content. The continent is the structure of the home, that is, everything that is fixed and cannot move (doors, windows, walls, installation of light, water, etc.). The content refers to everything that is found inside the home, but which can be modified with relative ease, particularly furniture and appliances.

The distinction between content and continent depends on the type of housing. On the other hand, these two concepts are crucial to establish home insurance coverage and the type of policy modality.

in figurative language

Sometimes the word continent is used figuratively. So, we can refer to a box as the container of something, contrary to that, we can define the content with what is inside this box. In this way, within a speech we can differentiate two situations: the message would be the content and the continent the way in which it is presented.

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